Oct 23, 2017

Feeling the Love of a Cat

Too often, cats get reputations as stingy lovers. I hear people talk about how their cats are picky about when they show affection, or about how a cat couldn’t care less about what the family is up to. But in my personal experiences with cats, I’ve found something profoundly different: cats are some of the most caring creatures we surround ourselves with, and though it may be subtle, they show their love for you in some of the sweetest ways imaginable.

One particular way cats show their love is in how they are exceptionally interested in the life you live. I remember coming home from class or a friends house, and as soon as I would sit down, my cat would be at my feet, curiously sniffing my feet and legs. Though we were never able to talk to each other, it always felt like we knew so much about each other. I knew when he liked to eat, where he liked to be pet, what he liked to play; in turn, he knew who my friends were, where I was, and perhaps even had a vague idea of what I was doing when I was out of the house.

I could never make it very long after coming home without being subject to his sweet investigation. And he never expected anything in return; he was selfless in his love. He didn’t care if I asked him how his day was, all that he wanted to do was learn about me and my experiences, and I think this shows care in the purest sense.

My sole wish is that he knows that I cared about him as much as I cared about him. We shared a world, and in my heart I know that we cared endlessly about each other. He showed his care for me everyday in our silent communication, and we understood each other. To experience the care of a cat is a privilege in the highest sense of the word.

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