Jul 24, 2017

What Is Going On Here?

Because I am never satisfied with anything I ever do, I've decided to make some further changes to this blog. And because of the many large changes, I'm having a hard time figuring out which change should be described as the biggest. There's the name change, the change in color and design, and the planned change in philosophy. I'll try to address all of them here in this post.

Let's start with the name change. If you read blogs, you'll notice that they always have a fun, eye-catching name. My blog is called Jimmy's Thoughts. Who names blogs after themselves? Only losers. In an attempt to stop being perceived as such a loser, I will be changing the name of this blog to 'macaroni hiccups.' Why? 'Macaroni Hiccups' is a phrase that I came up with early in high school and have always loved. A reflection on life in that it's inherently meaningless, macaroni hiccups has always been the working name of my projects throughout the years. Since it's always been sitting around in files on my computer and never really going anywhere, I think it's time I actually put it into use. So here we go! Of course, you will always be able to access this blog at www.jimmyokeefe.blogspot.com, but starting today, you can also access this blog at www.macaronihiccups.com. Very nice.

Next, the design change. It's really not complicated, I've always loved white text on a black background, and isn't it better for the environment or something? And to put it simply, red is just a cool color. For whatever reason, I feel more comfortable putting my thoughts online in this color scheme than I did with the boring black text/white background design.

And finally, a bit of a change in philosophy (hopefully). This blog has been pretty inactive in the past, and I would really like to change that. It would be kind of cool to actually have a readership, even if it's small, and the way to get a readership is to post more than just once a month. Ideally I would like to post multiple times a week, but we all know how difficult it is to set posting goals. Also, I really do need to write more; I'll be starting school next month as a journalism major, and it would be nice to be able to use this space as a way of developing my voice. I guess it's also worth noting that I feel more comfortable posting when it's not under my real name, so I think that the voice macaroni hiccups takes on will be more natural and a whole lot more interesting than the bland voice one could find on Jimmy's Thoughts.

So, thanks for tuning in, everyone. Let's see where I can take this.

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