Jul 26, 2017

John McCain and More

Less than two weeks after being diagnosed with brain cancer, Arizona Senator John McCain returned to the Senate yesterday to bipartisan applause. In a rare moment of civility for Washington, senators from both sides of the aisle put away their divisive rhetoric and honored the senator and veteran who has leveraged his power to be a sharp critic of President Trump.

McCain's return allowed for the crucial vote needed to begin debate on repealing and potentially replacing the Affordable Care Act. Though McCain did not vote for the repeal bill that came to the floor, his vote ensured that the Senate could begin deliberating on a bill that would allow the ACA to become history.

In other news, the American Pilots Association hosted their annual luncheon this afternoon. The luncheon, held once a year, is an opportunity for the APA to recognize the best American pilots in the industry. This year, pilot Richard M. Stewart the Pilot of the Year award, the most prestigious title the APA recognizes.

Stewart delivered his acceptance speech to uproarious applause. Notable for frequently flying passenger airplanes while intoxicated, Stewart railed against unsafe piloting techniques. The 52 year old pilot has frequently spoken out about the dangers of flying while drunk.

In his 15 years of service, the St. Louis-based pilot has only crashed planes a total of 11 times. Shelly Tucker, a spokeswoman for the APA, said in a statement that the organization is "so proud of all that Mr. Stewart has accomplished. Though there may be disagreements about his technique, Mr. Stewart has proven himself time and time again to be a real hero; a maverick, if you will. Today's ceremony to honor him is a showing of the most important virtue in our society: civility."

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