Jun 20, 2016

The Trump Campaign is Wild

Today I read a profile of Hope Hicks, Donald Trump's press secretary, by Olivia Nuzzi. One quote in the piece says that Donald Trump is the "most fascist candidate in recent American history," and Hicks seems to have been swept into her position as if by accident.

This piece is really great and I highly recommend you read the whole thing (read it here), but some of the details about Trump's staff shocked me. There was a lot I had to read twice, thanks to disbelief. This campaign is literally wild.

Apparently Hicks and (as of today, former) campaign manager Corey Lewandowski asked Trump to fire a political adviser, Sam Nunberg. And now we have this, and all I can say is goodness gracious:
Nunberg still seemed wounded eight months later, when we met. “Of course she ratfucked me, which makes me proud,” he told me. Nunberg maintains no feelings of warmth for Lewandowski. “I literally will suck the fucking blood out of his skull by the time I'm done with him,” he said like a screwball gangster.
Though she worked with Lewandowski to get Nunberg out, her relationship with the campaign manager didn't seem so awesome:
[Hicks] landed in the New York Post after she was spotted on East 61st Street, screaming at Lewandowski. The spectacle was dismissed as an interoffice dispute. Though if that's to be believed, the emotional scene, as described to me by people who saw it—Hicks's fists balled, her face streaked with tears—makes you wonder what the hell goes on in the Trump War Room.
And as if we needed any further proof that Lewandowski is a terrible, horrible human being, here is his reaction to Hicks' initial decision to not serve as press secretary for the Trump campaign:
[Hicks] told Lewandowski he'd have to find a new press secretary, which apparently set him off. “He made her cry a bunch of times,” Nunberg said. In Nunberg's telling, Lewandowski said to Hicks, “You made a big fucking mistake; you're fucking dead to me.”
Everything about this implies that the entire Trump campaign is utterly wild. It seems less like a political campaign and more like a group of scary, alpha-men types competing for power.

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